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As an artist, I like to think I notice everything. Actually, I tend to notice the little things. How colors, lines and shapes work together, or don’t, or the way nature blends the most unexpected hues and textures to create the perfect landscape. 

 I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Western Illinois University and have experience in many types of creative arts. My first job out of college was as a freelance courtroom artist for the local hometown TV station. Since then, I have worked as a graphic designer, visual merchandiser, muralist, packaging designer and, most recently, marketing communications. I am also an Interior Designing Color Consultant ( The basic design principles never change, just the application.


A few years ago, I started seeing fluid art painting through social media. I had to try it. I had been imbedded in my computer for years and needed something more organic to loosen up the creative juices. I found the medium very spontaneous and freeing and have been pouring ever since. My curiosity with fluid arts has led me to explore alcohol ink and mixed media as well. My challenge now is to bring my art to the next level. I hope you follow my journey of creative inspirations.

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